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Forgiving Roadsides

Abstract — This paper explores the various design elements of off-pavement and on-pavement standards and changes to U.S. and international highway design policies over the latter-half of the 20th century that contributed to a major reduction in automobile fatalities.  It explores the policy, geometry, and expansion of roadside hardware.  It then demonstrates that these changes […]

Bus Rapid Transit: Proof of Performance

Abrstract — A Look at BRT Viability as an Alternative Solution to the United States Congestion-Relief Funding Crisis The Congestion Funding Challenge In the coming decades, as many as 100 million new people (US Census Bureau, 2014) will immigrate to, be born in, or be blessed with a longer life in United States cities.  Currently over […]

Safety on Provo 500 West

I’m exploring a site along Provo’s 500 West, which a SafetyAnalyst project identifies as one of the most crash-prone stretches of road in the county. SafetyAnalyst allows a transportation researcher to combine data and other analytical tools to identify roadway segments and nodes which are statistically more dangerous than others, controlling for many other factors. […]