About Me

Rob Sanders is the creator and host for Road Guy Rob, a video, web, and podcasting platform which connects the general public with today’s cutting-edge developments in transportation engineering. His channel has brought news, research, and technology to over 4,000,000 viewers in 11 countries.

“Anyone with a driver license, bicycle, or a transit pass can be a transportation engineer. Users have great instincts.”

As a 12-year veteran of public radio, Rob was drawn to every transportation story he got his hands on. As an executive producer for a nationally-distributed talk show, he found ways to intertwine transportation-related guests into the show whenever possible.

As a radio reporter, he was first to rush out to cover any transportation story which crossed his desk. He met some of Utah’s great engineers, spokespeople, and managers of transportation agencies. Each story made Rob even more fascinated by transportation.

As a graduate student, he worked with a Transportation Research Board (TRB) subcommittee to create an award-winning new media strategy to improve public outreach. In 2018, he was awarded a degree in Civil Engineering (MS) from Brigham Young University. He is a registered Engineer-in-Training (EIT) with the state of California.

Rob’s passion in life is to harness new media’s storytelling power to better connect transportation decision-makers and stakeholders.