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Archive: Utah Restarts Stalled Transportation Projects (2009)

When the Great Recession hit in the fall of 2008, elected officials across America pumped the brakes on planned highway projects. This included the state of Utah, which stopped all upcoming contracts. After a new months of financial analysis, the governor of Utah looked at low labor and commodity prices — and decided he’d be […]

Archive: Natural Gas Vehicles Booted from Carpool Lanes (2008)

A decade ago, the state of Utah granted drivers of all compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles special access to carpool lanes on Interstate 15. The idea was to incentivize drivers to switch to a cleaner-burning fuel and reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil. The program was too successful. Enough CNG drivers joined a growing crowd […]

Archive: TSA brings skiing to airport security (2008)

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has a problem. The seasoned air travelers, with their ID in their left hand, and shoes in their right, would be dancing around families who were — a bit slow. So, the agency tested a new method for the airport screening line, based on ski resorts. Ski resorts divide their […]