In retrospect, I wish I’d put more time into getting a girlfriend.  Oh well.

Over fifteen years ago, I was in junior high school.  Being borderline-A.D.D. and super stoked to get a driver license, I began drawing “cities.” I put the word “city” in scare quotes, because I really drew freeway interchanges and complicated intersections.  But I felt, for the sake of imaginary realism, that I needed enough city to justify constructing the interchanges.

And it gave me something to eminent domain and demolish (erase) when I decided to re-configure an intersection or interchange.  In this particular drawing, I can see former pencil marks which imply I originally had more cloverleafs at the big interchange.  Fifteen-year-old me must’ve decided to demolish (erase) them when I built (drew) the new collector-distributor system.

My favorite fail:  A hundred-million-dollar-plus network of flyovers … all dumps into a traffic light.  So much for flow, right?

Road Guy Rob

Rob is a 12-year veteran public radio reporter and talk show producer. Other staffers at the station called him the "road guy" because he kept running off to cover all the transportation stories. Rob has degrees in Geography (BS, 2010) and Civil Engineering (MS, 2018).

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