I casually drove Uber and Lyft for a day. The math didn't add up.

When my mom casually mentioned she was thinking about “driving Uber to make some money,” I realized this Bay Area novelty had become mainstream.

Each of us know a long list of people who, like my mother, have said they “would” drive for a ridesharing service to make a couple of bucks. Far fewer actually do it.

There are plenty of drivers who say they make serious money running Uber and Lyft as a side hussle. I suspect they run it as a business (tax breaks, etc.)

Most of us won’t take it that seriously. So for a full day, I loaded up the app, and casually took every ride that popped up. I found the math did not add up.

Road Guy Rob

Rob is a 12-year veteran public radio reporter and talk show producer. Other staffers at the station called him the "road guy" because he kept running off to cover all the transportation stories. Rob has degrees in Geography (BS, 2010) and Civil Engineering (MS, 2018).

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