Radio producing made me dive into audio editing software every day. Video is even more fun! It adds a third tool for storytelling: Words, Sounds, and Pictures.

Over the past 10 years, I created over 300 videos for work and for my own fun. My latest project transforms advanced transportation engineering research into fun videos for everyone. Here are three of my favorites:

Toll Transponders | Toll booths are dangerous for employees who work in them and for the drivers who crash into them. America is eliminating cash tolling and switching to electronic toll payment. So how are you supposed to pay a toll in another state?

Texas Roadways | Everything is bigger in Texas, including the roads. As engineers work to expand highways in the Lone Star State, they may be making traffic worse.

Neighborhood Speeders | You’ve tried everything to get people to slow down on your street. More caution signs. Extra police patrols. Nothing works. Here’s why you should stop blaming the speeders and start blaming the street!