I casually drove Uber and Lyft for a day. The math didn't add up.

When my mom casually mentioned she was thinking about “driving Uber to make some money,” I realized this Bay Area novelty had become mainstream.

Each of us know a long list of people who, like my mother, have said they “would” drive for a ridesharing service to make a couple of bucks. Far fewer actually do it.

There are plenty of drivers who say they make serious money running Uber and Lyft as a side hussle. I suspect they run it as a business (tax breaks, etc.)

Most of us won’t take it that seriously. So for a full day, I loaded up the app, and casually took every ride that popped up. I found the math did not add up.

Road Guy Rob

A 12-year veteran public radio reporter and producer. Rob covered transportation and urban issues. He earned a graduate degree in Civil Engineering (MS) in 2018.

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