For Christmas, I got a dash cam.  I’ve been taping silly dash cam videos of drivers the past few months and compiling them onto YouTube.

I think maybe 30 people have watched.  Until last week, when a newspaper reporter wrote to say they wanted to write a quick blurb on their web site, with a link to my videos.  Which is cool.

Now, Channel 4 is calling me wanting to do a news story.  Must be a slow news day.

A few points to mention, though I doubt few will read this:

  • I do not handle the camera while driving.  It has a fish-eye lens and do zooms and crops later in a video editor.
  • I am a hypocrite.  I make plenty of driving mistakes.  But like any human being, I’m still happy to pass judgement on others — especially when they almost crash into my car.

Well, I guess that’s about it.

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A 12-year veteran public radio reporter and producer. Rob covered transportation and urban issues. He earned a graduate degree in Civil Engineering (MS) in 2018.

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