Safety: House and Car

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North of Brigham Young University’s campus boundary sits a house at a T-intersection. Well, I should say “sat” a house.  Because a young adult with a medical issue (I suspect suicidal depression, but we’ll never know) plowed an early-90s Suburban into it. … Continued

Safety: Tipsy Truck

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I have no idea what this collision’s back story is.  I just happened to be driving by and saw this semi tipped on its side.  It almost looks like it’s trailer fell off as it turned east onto 1860 South.

Airport: Digital Arrival Board

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Props to Salt Lake International Airport for deploying this traffic-saving tool. I drove to pick up a friend whose flight was delayed.  Normally, I’d probably just be circling the airport’s ring road waiting for his text telling me to come pick … Continued